Safety Guidelines

Safety Information

We ask you to read the safety guidelines before using our products. Our products are made with very strong medical grade acrylic adhesive which provides that hold consumers love but they must be used with care. Especially in hot climates, first time users, consumers prone to allergies or consumers whom have sensitive skin. Please read all information to avoid skin injury.

Always follow our how to use and recommended usage time guide, always do a patch test before use. Adhesive products may cause blisters and skin irritation. Buub shop would like to make you aware of all possible risks to ensure that you are well informed before use and can avoid any irritation to the skin when wearing the products.

Usage Time guide


This product is not for daily use please allow your skin 72 hours to breath between uses.

If you are wearing adhesive tape for the first time wear for only 3/4 hours although we say do not exceed 8 hours, a shorter first time use is recommended to introduce the tape to the skin. When exceeding the recommended usage time on skin that is not familiar with the products for longer than advised, this can cause irritation and injury may occur. Your skin is a living organ which needs to breath, blocking it’s airway for long amounts of time can cause it to blister and irritation may occur.


We do not recommend staying in direct sunlight for long amounts of time when wearing the products. Heat activates the adhesive and high temperatures can cause the adhesive to get very sticky which may result in skin irritation or a difficult removal. When the skin is subjected to high temperatures and direct sunlight it is more likely to over heat which in turn may cause blistering and irritation while using the products, this may happen to a small % of users. Do not sunbathe in the tape.


Once your skin has become used to the tape you will find you can wear for longer amounts of time but we still do not advise exceeding the recommended usage time.  Everyone’s skin is different and you know your skin the best, some skin is more sensitive than others so please be aware know your skins limits.


Mature skin can be more susceptible to marking, we lose elasticity the older we get. It is recommend that users aged 50+ should always patch test before use and use for short amounts of time to get the skin used to the products, we recommend 3 hours then build up once you feel comfortable that there will be no irritations. Excessive wear time may cause skin irritation.

Safe Application

Whilst our tapes are made to stretch with the body and lift we do not recommend over stretching the products, over stretching and pulling too tight cause skin friction which can lead to blisters and irritation. If you experience grazes or irritation at the top end of where the tape is applied this is a sign of friction and over stretching of the tape.


Sunburnt skin is already irritated and sensitive, applying an adhesive product will cause more irritation, soreness and even skin tearing or blistering. NEVER apply our products to irritated or burnt skin.


Sunbathing in adhesive products is not advised, direct sunlight causes the adhesive to melt and getting very sticky which in turn cause the adhesive to bond to the skin even tighter, this may make the removal process difficult and cause skin abrasions irritation. If choosing to swim in the tape please ensure you are not exposing your skin to hot direct sun for too long. Being in water for long amounts of time may dissolve the adhesive and cause the tape to peel away.

Customers who choose to wear the tape in direct sunlight or in very hot climates do at their own risk. Ignoring our guidelines may cause skin abrasions, irritation and blistering.

Blisters are most often caused by skin being damaged by friction or heat.. The damaged upper layer of skin (epidermis) tears away from the layers beneath and fluid (serum) collects in the space to create a blister.

We recommend following our guidelines to avoid any irritation or blisters to occur.


Safe Removal


We always recommend using a body oil, body lotion or warm water to remove, and peel in an upward motion gently. Quicky tearing off dry can cause tearing of the skin.


Saturate the tape leave for a few minutes while you remove your make up or clean your teeth, then peel away the tape gently. The oil will help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any damage to the skin. Oil-based products will dissolve the adhesive faster. Start from the bottom and pull up gently, take it slow. Use your other hand to press down on the tape to stop any pull. Do not peel down and against the skin.

Sensitive skin

This product is not recommended for sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies. Always do a patch test 24 hours before use. If you experience any irritation, blistering or discomfort, discontinue use immediately.


Our tape is free from latex but if you have sensitive skin and can be irritable to adhesive, acrylic, elastane or similar products such as band-aids (plasters), we do not recommend using our products. Please always patch test before use. Skin prone to allergies use products at their own risk.



 Whilst irritations may occurs in a very small percentage of users, we urge consumers to follow our skin safety guidelines these guidelines are provided to prevent any injury or irritation while using our products, Whilst we can not guarantee that irritation will not occur following the guidelines will prevent any major allergies or injury.  Ingredients are provided to prevent allergies or reactions, the product is not recommended for sensitive skin. All products used are at consumers own risk. All products have been through skin sensitization testing, they are certified safe and medical grade. We ask you to read this document carefully before using our tape products. All our adhesive products are medical grade but the adhesive strength is very strong and very sticky so must be used with care.

buub shop cannot guarantee users will not react to the products and will be completely free from injury as skin sensitivity can differ between users. Though our product’s are carefully sourced from reputable, credible quality manufactures the products are not completely exempt from causing irritation. A small percentage of users may experience irritation. The Information provided in the document is to help avoid injury and irritation. Most injury and irritation occurs due to not following safety guidelines, please follow the guidelines to avoid and injury.